who is who?

Alex Lorien - Arcadia Organiser


Hi! I'm Alex. I am a 30+ gay man living in Doncaster, originally hailing from Thorne. I am a trained nurse, and author. I enjoy the great outdoors, socialising, laughing and generally trying to get the most out of life. I started Arcadia because there was (at this time of writing) no social group for Doncaster's LGBTQ+ community. After the amazing attendance of 2017's Gay Pride event, I could see there were definitely a fair few of us out there, so wanted to do something to get to know all of these wonderful, unique, individuals.

If you have any questions, you can email me directly at alex@alexlorien.com

I can't wait to meet you!

Paul Taberner - LDAS Organiser

I’ve been a support worker since 2011 and since then I’ve noticed that there doesn’t seem to be much support for people with LDAS who maybe a part of the LGBT+ community. This has been witnessed with support workers and management whether it be assuming sexual orientations or questionnaires that asked if someone was Male, Female or LGBT.


On a personal note: it was hard for me to come out and identify as a gay man and I don’t have a learning disability and I’m not on the autistic spectrum. If you add to this the pressures and struggles someone who struggles with communication, interaction and imagination, then I can imagine it may seem impossible.


Through the support and enlightenment I’ve received from a group called 2BU Wakefield, I wanted to create a similar support network in Doncaster.

I can be contacted directly via email or through the Facebook Page.

Looking forward to working with you.

Paul pride.jpg