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Being 'Dylan Frost'

- by Dylan Frost


- by Anonymous

Warning: Contains strong sexual language.

8 Steps of the LGBT Person

So we will be writing a piece about ourseles based upon a YouTube video by the wonderful Matt Baume https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnSFwk_mZPnUuh0m7Z6T-4g?&ab_channel=MattBaume and twitter: @mattbaume (check him out, he is exceptional) in which he discusses the famous and groundbreaking two-part 1997 episode (The Puppy Episode) of the sitcom Ellen, in which Ellen Degeneres’ (and thus the actor herself) character comes out as a lesbian.


Part one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAczu314cYg&ab_channel=BB


Part two: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvmUbX1NvB8&ab_channel=BB


He explains 8 steps Matt explains Ellen goes through in these two episodes that are reflective of a lot of LGBTQ+ people’s experiences in coming out. They are listed below:


8 Steps of the LGBTQ+ Person


1. Develop a rapport - this is when you get chemistry with someone of the sex/gender you are attracted to.

2. Trying to be straight - when we try and conform to the sexuality society expects to be.

3. Develop a crush - When you first fall for someone; this can be full on love, requited or not, or simply a crush that reinforces the feelings you are having

4. Came out to yourself. - accept yourself as having the sexuality you have.

5. Confide in someone you trust. - Tell someone for the first time.

6. Tell your friends/family - Tell everyone else/

7. Your first heartache. - The first time you have your heart broken, either by a lover, or maybe you fell for someone who wasn’t like you in terms of sexuality.

8. Explore the culture.

(Step 9 ... Toaster oven! Watch the episode!)


Telling our stories is a powerful thing.


If you are interested, email me your story to arcadia@alexlorien.com

Ryan to Roxy - My 8 Steps

- by Roxy Greyshaw

Lexi Lorien

- by Alex Lorien